Tokaj Today is more than a news website about Hungary’s Tokaj Wine Region. Whether you are full-blown wine professional or just a curious traveller with a casual interest in wine, you can rely on my local knowledge and connections to enjoy your visit to Tokaj to the full, or be assisted, for instance, in collecting material for your article or book on Tokaj, or doing location filming and photography for your professional benefit.

Below is a list of the services I offer. Click on each to toggle details.

No matter if you are a traveller already in the region looking to fill a free afternoon or a wine professsional planning a multiple-day trade visit several months ahead, feel free to contact me for a proposed itinerary and an estimate of costs.

All my tours are tailored to suit your interests and preferences and custom-designed based on your wine knowledge, the group size and the time you have available in the region. Also, all tours are done on a ‘pay-as-you-go basis’, which means that you directly pay for tastings, meals and to any other providers as we go, while I separately charge a set day fee or half-day fee that covers organisation, guidance and, optionally, transport. This gives you the flexibility to remove or even add items on the fly.

My fee is payable for each day/half day of the tour and is charged per group, not per person. Discounts are given to WSET students studying for an intermediate or advanced certificate, the WSET Diploma and the Master of Wine exam, or similar qualifications.

Please, click here for more information and a no-obligation booking enquiry.

My incentive trips are designed for agricultural professionals, and organised and hosted in partnership with a small Tarcal-based winery, whose chief winemaker is one of the region’s most seasoned experts of oenology and viticulture, guaranteeing that the professional part of the programme is up to the highest standards, while all guests are treated to equally excellent culinary and wine delights and experience.

If your company is a supplier to the wine industry and you are thinking of ways to reward your best customers for their loyalty, a tour of the World Heritage Tokaj Wine Region may be a fresh new choice.

The Tokaj Wine Region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002, provides an ideal backdrop to any type of meetings, conferences, exhibitions or weddings. Be it a corporate annual meeting or your daughter’s big day, the Tokaj region offers a host of excellent venues and caterers, and I closely work with the region’s best hotels and restaurants to give you the best possible services in a single package.

My thorough Tokaj Tutorial covers the region’s geography, history, grape varietes and wine styles with a tasting of 4 to 12 representative wines. The Tutorial is either offered as part of multiple-day trips or as a ‘standalone’ presentation and tasting session that can be given at a location of your preference. In the latter case, travel, hotel and subsistence expenses may be incurred on top of my set tutorial fee.

My consultancy-type services are for wine, travel and media professionals and include the following.

  Tour Packages for 3rd Parties  

If you are an international wine travel company looking to expand your offerings to include trips to Tokaj, you can entrust me to create your region-specific tour packages and itineraries, and even liaise and negotiate with local providers. I am not only based in the Tokaj region, but also happen to be a qualified tour operator;)

  Support for Media Professionals  

Finding story leads and ideas, interpreting during on-site interviews and fact-checking of your articles on Tokaj are some of the typical services I provide. I also do location scouting for filming crews and photographers, planning flight routes for aerial shooting, or recommending photo spots for some unique angles, as well as providing professional and accurate English translation of Tokaj-related historical documents or pieces of Hungarian wine legislation for your research.

  Investment Assistance & Business Support  

From helping you buy a centuries-old historical building for a holiday home in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tokaj or add a line-up of Tokajis to the products in your online wine shop to assisting in investing in the wine business in the region or setting up your own Tokaj winery, there are many ways I can assist you in getting more involved with life and business in the fast-emerging Tokaj region, a Government-designated Growth Area since 2014. 

Instead of using my Support for Media Professionals services under Consultancy above, you can choose to completely leave writing the Tokaj articles/chapters for your magazine/book to me. I not only do all the research and interviews, but also take care of related photography. I can write up the story ideas you give me or recommend one or two myself.

If all you need is a fresh portrait of a winemaker or an image of a winery or a vineyard that is featured in your most recent piece on Tokaj, just contact me with your list of topics to cover and I will get all the required photos, even on short notice.