The Hungarian government has formally decided to channel massive funds to the Tokaj region until 2020, as was published in the National Journal, Hungary's official public record, on 21st February. 48 billion HUF [155 million EUR] is the approximate amount that can be identified as specifically allocated for spending within the wine region, out of a total of close to 102 billion HUF [328 million EUR] the decision earmarks for three neighbouring regions in the north east of the country, now declared Government-designated Tourism Development Areas.

Attached to the decision is a mixed list of clearly defined projects and general objectives, ranging from 'the refurbishment of Mád's main street' and the 'relocation of the Hungarian Pavilion at Expo 1992 from Seville to Tokaj town' to the 'quality upgrade of existing hotels and B&Bs' and the 'development of cycle infrastructure'. The list also makes it clear that 21.1 billion [68 million EUR] out of Tokaj's share will be absorbed by a major railway project involving the upgrade and electrification of the Mezőzombor-Sátoraljaújhely line. The decision puts the Tokaj Regional Development Council in charge of monitoring the spending in the region.

This move is in keeping with the promise the government made back in early 2014 when Tokaj was declared a Government-designated Growth Area.


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