Mid-June saw temperatures suddenly dip from record highs, bringing a chilly night for Mád's nocturnal festival, Good Night Mád, on 23rd June. The courtyard of Sándor Bodnár's cheese dairy may have been the busiest venue this year, where the former cook now cheesemaker was preparing the kind of heavy food the shivering festival-goers needed.

Debuted in 2014, Good Night Mád (Jó éjszakát, Mád! in HU) is a night-time wine and music festival that involves the courtyards and buildings of several wineries as well as public places being turned into concert venues for a June Saturday night. A series of choral, classical, jazz and world music concerts start early evening and last into the early hours of Sunday while a dozen cellars and eateries stay open late to offer wine and food to night-time concertgoers.


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