Estate manager of Patricius Dr Péter Molnár has been elected president of the Tokaj Council of Wine Communities (Hegyközségi Tanács in HU) for the next five-year term. He takes over from Miklós Prácser, former director of Degenfeld in Tarcal and owner of Erzsébet Pince in Tokaj town. László Kalocsai of Dereszla Winery and István Szepsy Jr of Szent Tamás remain vice-presidents. The regional wine communities elections were held earlier this May.

The modern system of Wine Communities was established in the 19th century as a form of self-governance for grape growers and winemakers in any wine region of Hungary. It was discontinued during the Communist regime and then revived in 1994. Wine Communities have administrative responsibilities to ensure traceability and quality assurance of grape and wine in their region, as well as advocating the interests of regional growers towards external organisations. All those growing wine grapes in an area larger than 1000 square metres [11,000 sq ft]  or wine grapes for sale in an area of any size or making wine for sale have to be members of a Wine Community [hegyközség in HU] in Hungary. In 2013, the Wine Communities Act was amended in such a way as to give members voting rights in proportion to the hectares of land they grow grapes in, as opposed to the previous system where each member had had a single vote.


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