Tokaji wines have been awarded 26 medals, including 2 Platinums and 4 Golds, at the 2018 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA. Just like last year, only one dry wine ended up in the Platinum/Gold tier, and, quite surprisingly, it was not a Furmint varietal, which is usually the case, but Holdvölgy's 'Vision' blend of Furmint (40%), Hárslevelű (40%) and Kabar (20%). This success might well encourage other Tokaj wineries to continue positioning dry blends increasingly higher in their portfolio. That said, the best performers in the competition were again mostly traditional botrytised sweet wines, including two 97-point Platinum medallists that came from Sauska and Mad Wine.

While Sauska is a fairly well-known producer based in Tokaj town, Mad Wine may sound like a newcomer in the Tokaj winery scene. They actually are not. Mad Wine is the company name Szent Tamás winery has recently started using in connection with their second-label 'village wine' for which they buy grapes from dozens of Mád-based growers and whose label reads the name of the village, Mád. Earlier, they submitted both such wines and their Szent Tamás-branded premium wines as Szent Tamás, but now they clearly aim for a more distinct separation of the two brands. It should be noted that the name of the village is correctly spelled as Mád, but they leave the ékezet off in the new company name for a rather obvious pun.

Here is a summary of Tokaj's results:

Award Score Winery Wine
97 Mad Wine Mád Late Harvest 2016
97 Sauska Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013
96 Gróf Degenfeld Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013
95 Holdvölgy Dry Blend Vision 2016
95 Orosz Gábor Kései Sárgamuskotály 2015
95 Zombory Aszú 6 puttonyos 2014
94 Holdvölgy Aszú 6 puttonyos Culture 2014
94 Orosz Gábor Nyulászó Furmint-Hárslevelű 2015
94 Royal Tokaji Blue Label Aszú 5 Puttonyos 2014
94 Zsadányi Aszú 6 puttonyos 2010
93 Hétszőlő Aszú 6 puttonyos 2010
93 Holdvölgy Sweet Szamorodni Eloquence 2013
92 Mad Wine Mád Sweet by Tokaj Late Harvest 2016
92 Pajzos Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013
91 Zsadányi Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013
90 Dobogó Aszú 6 puttonyos 2010
90 Dobogó Furmint 2015
90 Pajzos Dry Selection 2016
90 Patricius Aszú 5 puttonyos 2014
90 Royal Tokaji Issue No. 5 Betsek Dűlő Hárslevelű 2016
90 Royal Tokaji Late Harvest 2016
88 Gróf Degenfeld Zomborka Furmint 2015
88 Patricius Aszú 6 puttonyos 2008
88 Royal Tokaji Dry Furmint 2016
87 Barta Öreg Király Dűlő Furmint 2015
87 Mad Wine Mád Dry by Tokaj 2015



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