Tokaji wines received 14 awards at this year’s VinAgora Wine Competition. A Champion award, along with a Gold, went to Sajgó's (Tolcsva-Bor) 2013 6-puttonyos Aszú, while Szent Tamás's single-vineyard Nyulászó Szamorodni took home a Grand Gold. Bodrogkisfalud-based Bodrog Borműhely's sweet Mesés (meaning Fabulous in EN) not only won one of Tokaj's 8 Gold medals, but also the Best Furmint Varietal Award.

The ratio of dry/off-dry to sweet Tokaji was 6 to 8, with 7 of the 8 gold medals being awarded to sweet wines and 5 out of the 6 silvers to dry ones. Tokaj's 14 winning entries came from 9 producers.

VinAgora is one of Hungary’s two most important wine competitions and a truly international event, having attracted 503 entries from 18 countries including Australia, Germany and Spain this year. One of the key criteria of the VinAgora Awards is that a maximum of one-third of all entries may be awarded.

Here is a summary of Tokaj's results:

vinagora_champion_2016_100 Tolcsva-Bor / Sajgó Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013*
vinagora_grangold_2016_100 Szent Tamás Nyulászó Szamorodni 2013
vinagora_gold_2016_100 Bodrog Borműhely Mesés Furmint 2013**
vinagora_gold_2016_100 Grand Tokaj*** Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 2013
vinagora_gold_2016_100 Kiss István Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2006
vinagora_gold_2016_100 Kiss István Tokaji Aszú  6 puttonyos "Sissi" 2008
vinagora_gold_2016_100 Pajzos Tokaji Furmint Selection 2013
vinagora_gold_2016_100 Pannon Tokaj Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos "Dominium" Muscat Lunel 2013
vinagora_gold_2016_100 Pajzos Tokaji Hárslevelű Késői Szüret 2013
vinagora_gold_2016_100 Szent Tamás Dongó Szamorodni 2013
vinagora_silver_2016_100 Grand Tokaj*** Tokaji Furmint Dry 2015
vinagora_silver_2016_100 Gróf Degenfeld Terézia Hárslevelű 2015
vinagora_silver_2016_100 Gróf Degenfeld Zomborka Furmint 2015
vinagora_silver_2016_100 Pajzos Tokaji T Furmint 2015
vinagora_silver_2016_100 Zombory Tokaji Cuvée Dry "Alphia" 2014

* Winner of a Botrytised Wine Champion Award ** Winner of the Best Furmint Varietal Award
*** Grand Tokaj is 
the new name of the state-run wine company, earlier known as Tokaj Crown Estates.



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